Real Men

REAL Men (men's ministry) is derived from an acronym meaning:
R – relationships
E - equipping
A - attitudes
L - leadership
We do counseling for the wounded spiritually. Heart felt solutions for the needy in form of food parcels, blankets and clothes. This is done through identifying the worst scenarios. We are looking into ways of equipping individuals and groups in starting projects to generate income and feed their families. We believe in premarital counseling for those who want to get married.

These services do not all happen at the same time, but spaced reasonably for the leaders not to be burnt out. We will work alternate Saturdays and sometimes Sunday afternoon as the need arise.

The Apostle is personally leading this ministry.



About Ministry

This is a non-profit orginazation registered in terms of the South African Companies Act. Donations are Tax deductable. Read more ......


Year Planner

The year planner has been released and avilable at the info desk. Please visit the program to ensure that you participate and avoid date and event confilcts. Read more .....

Latest News

Vision 2017! God gave Apostle Alton, the founder, a vision and instruction to win and disciple 20,000 souls at the end of 2017. How? Read more .....

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  • 1st Floor, Halfway House Shopping Centre
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