Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision is to run a ministry that is anchored on uncompromised Christian principles, win souls for Christ through championing the principles, and transfer these principles for the transformation of people for abundant life.


Our Mission is to positively influence people through the progressive and relevant programs (Denzhe School of Children, Joseph School, Real Men, House of Ruth, etc.) that are wholly inspired by Christian values and principles.

Our core values are:

    1. Loving God with all your heart (Matthew 22:37-38)
    2. Praise & Worship (John 4:23-24)
    3. Holiness (1 Peter 1:15-16)
    4. Word Based (Joshua 1:8)
    5. Sensitive to the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14)
    6. Prophetic (1 Corinthians 14:39)
    7. Love & Respect (Matthew 22:39)
    8. Compassionate (Heart for the lost & the needy) (Proverbs 11:30 & James 2:14-17)
    9. Excellence (1 Corinthians 14:12)
    10. Honor & Submission (Romans 13:1)

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About Ministry

This is a non-profit orginazation registered in terms of the South African Companies Act. Donations are Tax deductable. Read more ......


Year Planner

The year planner has been released and avilable at the info desk. Please visit the program to ensure that you participate and avoid date and event confilcts. Read more .....

Latest News

Vision 2017! God gave Apostle Alton, the founder, a vision and instruction to win and disciple 20,000 souls at the end of 2017. How? Read more .....

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