Youth & Young Adults

Who are youth?

Youth is defined as children becoming the age of 13 years who graduated from Children’s Church. The Church has targeted programmes to address their needs and will meet at times and days running concurrently with the program of the Church.


Who are young adults?
Young adults are loosely defined as high school and post-high school age individuals. This includes those who attend colleges and universities away from home as well as those who attend local colleges and universities. It also includes those who postpone or don’t pursue further education and enter the workplace.

Our passion is to make a difference and build experiences appealing to young adults. The themes of commitments, actions, relationships and making a difference all fit into the area of service. Projects which involve vocational skills i.e. sound technicians, video camera operators, teamleaders and serving food to the homeless and other community service which may appeal to this age group to name but a few. Matching skills and interests are key in allocating projects that will involve young adults.

The Joseph school of life is the school that prepares youth and young adults for abundant life that runs on Saturdays. It has been established to empower the youth and young adults based on the story of Joseph starting from Genesis 37.  The school offers the following:

  • Life skills aimed at maintaining purity and conquer poverty.
  • Ministry effectiveness (promoting and encouraging the five fold ministries).
  • Leadership skills (developing them for business and life in general).
  • Enhancing the spirit of Ubuntu (respect and morality).
  • Preparing them for married life.

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